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Need a website for your homecare company?

 CGM is here to bridge the gap between homecare agencies and service users.


Get to Know Us

CGM is a 3-in 1 platform which helps Homecare agencies within the UK increase their clientele and grow their business's in various ways, these being: 

1. Website Design - A CQC approved website.

1. Lead generation (Coming Soon)

2. Service user placement - Top 50 agency group (Coming Soon

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Client Outreach Services
(Coming Soon)

Basic Tier

The basic tier gives you the CareGrowth Media software with a complete course on how to set up your marketing campaigns, text and email automations, advertisement templates, and strategies to begin growing your agency. You will have the basic tools to begin reaching and acquiring service users.


Standard Tier

In the secondary tier, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will assist your business with its advertisements, marketing campaigns, automations, texts, calls, and so on. 

Premium Tier
(Top 50 Agency List)

If you are looking to be part of the top 50 competing agencies within the UK homecare sector, this list is for you. You will be among 50 other companies that will receive a continuous flow of service users from our various partners, who include local councils, social worker groups, and governing bodies. 

Building up Agencies & Service User Relationships!

CGM's Brand New App!

The CGM App is looking to revolutionise the care sector more than ever before, providing a new way of communicating and interacting that will close a huge gap between service users, health care assistants, and agencies.

Be on the lookout!

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