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Client Outreach Services

Basic Tier

The basic tier gives you the CareGrowth Media software with a complete course on how to set up your marketing campaigns, text & email automations and advertisement templates and strategies to begin growing your agency. You will have the basic tools to begin reaching and acquiring service users.


Standard Tier

In the secondary tier unlike the basic, you will be assigned your  personal account/ marketing manager who will assist your business with all its advertisement & marketing campaigns, automations, text & calls and so on. (This package comes with a money back  guarantee if we don't reach the set targets for the month.

Premium Tier
(Top 50 Agency List)

If you are looking to be apart of the top 50 agencies within homecare in the UK, this list is for you. You will be placed among 50 other business's who will be in an exclusive position to receive a continuous flow of service users from our various partner who include; Local councils, Social worker groups and governing bodies. 

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